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Sunday, March 23, 2008 |

Not much happened in the Giants Universe this week, but there was some almost news.
Duke eats it. Condolences to the Bluenatic's sister and nephew, who were in attendance.
• What happened to New York City basketball?

• Obama has a bracket (and a posse).
If Obama chooses Bradley, it's about to get serious around here.
Sports Illustrated opens its vault to the public for free. Turns out the magazine has changed a bit since 1957.
Could Donnie Walsh be replacing Zeke? Guess not. Then again...
• If they can sell naming rights to a national treasure, what will happen in the Meadowlands?
So far, so good for Kyle Okposo, but the kid still needs a nickname.
• Rick DiPietro has worse hips than your grandmother.
• The Nintendo Wii offers a full body workout for the whole family. Take that, Bowflex!
• How badly do you want to see Willie Mays' penis?

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Anonymous said...

Okposo should be nicknamed Killah Kyle

Anonymous said...

Giants Stadium (Fuck the Jets) should be named GIANTS STADIUM--forever.

Anonymous said...

Your theme music sounds gangsta. Joree Twolastnames must be a balla!