Contest Update: Most of Y'all Don't Remember The Crunch Bunch

Monday, August 18, 2008 |

The overwhelming number of entries received, coupled with a limited supply of shirts, has forced us to end Bluenatic's first ever trivia contest earlier than anticipated.

Our sincerest thanks to all those who participated, and apologies to all who might have missed it.
We received sixty-three total entries, but only four contestants answered all twenty questions correctly and earned themselves a Reebok Speedwick shirt for their efforts.

Congratulations to our four winners:

1) Spencer Kerr
2) Ed Fassler
3) Matt Firing
4) Tim McGuffin

Each of you will be receiving an email from me shortly inquiring as to your mailing address and shirt size, so be on the lookout for that.

An additional seventeen "tough luck" contestants scored 19/20. The low score was 11/20.

The two most missed questions (by far) were numbers 9 and 12.

Question nine (
Who holds the New York Giants franchise record for games played?) was a tricky one, I guess, as up until last season that record was held by Howard Cross. Cross, the ever reliable if unspectacular tight end, played in 207 regular season games and five playoff games for the Giants from 1989-2001, including Super Bowls XXV and XXXV. His record was broken by Michael Strahan in week eight of last season, when the Giants faced the Dolphins in London's Wembley Stadium.

When Strahan announced his retirement back in June, he walked away not only with the franchise record for sacks (141.5) but also the franchise mark for games played, after having competed in 216 regular season games and an additional ten playoff games in his outstanding fifteen year career.

Most of the people who missed this one guessed either C: Cross or A: George Martin, who appeared in 201 regular season and nine playoff games as a member of Big Blue. Strahan, Cross and Martin are the only Giants players to play in 200 or more games for the franchise.

The amount of people who missed question number 12 (
What were the New York Giants linebacker corps of the early 1980s known as?) was astonishing. Maybe this was a generational thing, but I can only assume that the vast majority of contestants simply didn't recall the iconic photo/poster seen above, or remember the sensational linebacking exploits of The Crunch Bunch: Lawrence Taylor, Brian Kelley, Harry Carson & Brad Van Pelt.

I'll let Michael Eisen of refresh your collective memory.

Almost every single person who missed this one guessed D: The Big Blue Wrecking Crew. While that is indeed a nickname often attributed to the Giants, it is really a general nickname and certainly not one that's specific to the Giants linebacker corps of the early 1980s.

Next time read more carefully.

Thanks again to the good people at Reebok for supplying the shirts for this contest. More contests like this are likely to be held in the future, so please stop back for updates in the coming weeks and months.

Here's the complete answer key, for those that might be curious:

1) D
2) B
3) B
4) E
5) C
6) A
7) D
8) C
9) E
10) C
11) B
12) A
13) E
14) C
15) B
16) C
17) B
18) A
19) C
20) D


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