Me and Tweeter King

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 |

Hand me a late pass if you need to, but this whole Twitter business is a game changer. I've just been futzing around on the site killing time, and in the span of two days I've been directly addressed by both Rich Eisen of NFL Network and Peter King of Sports Illustrated. Who's next, Oprah?

Now, I'm not deluded enough to think that either Eisen or King are reading this humble, infrequently updated site, but you never know, you know? Crazier things have happened.

Eisen and I are both proud graduates of the University of Michigan, and I actually met King once on the set of Inside the NFL. He kindly gave a glowing endorsement for a book I acquired and edited a while back, too. So, you see, Peter King and I are regular pals. Just like Peter and Favre are. Only I didn't choke away a Conference Championship or fake retire eleventeen times. Who does Favre think he is, anyway, Sugar Ray Leonard?

Turns out I'm not the only person in the Giants universe using Twitter, either. Antonio Pierce is an active tweeter, as is Steve Smith, who also maintains a lively Facebook profile. Jessie Armstead has recently joined the fray, too. From what I've been told by informed sources, the Eli Manning Twitter account is a fake, though. That's a shame, really, because it was fascinating. Oh, fake Eli. You're such a card!

Anyway, this is all just a roundabout way for me to say follow me.
Those of you who have criticized me for writing posts that are too long (an old friend once told me the ideal blog post is 500 words or less) will be heartened by the knowledge that my tweets will limited to 140 characters apiece. And who knows? Maybe I'll say something interesting one of these days.

Edit 5/16.09: You can now also follow Sinorice Moss and Danny Clark.
Edit 6/3/09: Kevin Boss and Michael Strahan, too.
Edit 6/15/09: 2nd Eisen re-tweet.


Touchdown Blue said...

just started following your tweets and thanks for the links to the giants players too.

J. Mark English said...

Re: Your Rodney Hampton Post:

Dude, I love the blog, but your wrong about some of the stuff in regards to Rodney Hampton.

His last playoff game was not in was in 1998 (1997 season)...against Minnesota in that embarrassing 23-22 loss.

Also, the Giants would have hired Bellicheck as a coach...and even probably a guy like Coughlin...had Bill Parcells retired in February...and not MAY!!!

By the time he shocked the Giants by stepping down in May, the only guy around that could take up the coaching mantle was Handley. The aforementioned already left for Cleveland and Boston College respectively.

Also, want to exchange links?

mine is:

Weinstein said...

Not to quibble with you, J. Mark, but I never said that Hampton played his last playoff game in 1994. I said it was his last playoff VICTORY.

The Belichick/Handley timetable I grant you.

Thanks for reading. I'd be happy to exchange links.