The 2009 Mets Season Summed Up in 4 Photos

Thursday, July 23, 2009 |

You can blame all the injuries if you really want to. It's certainly not easy to win baseball games when three of your four best position players are on the disabled list for an extended period of time.

You can blame the pitching, too. Santana and K-Rod notwithstanding, Mets pitchers have been inconsistent at their best, atrocious at their worst. The injuries to Maine and Putz (and now Nieve) don't help.

You can blame management as well. Or the training/medical staff. Or Jerry Manuel and his coaches. Cases can be made to support blaming all of them.

But it doesn't take a Silver Slugger or Cy Young candidate to catch a pop fly, or to touch third base. It doesn't take an All-Star to make a routine play. It doesn't take a brilliant GM or astute game manager to field a team that looks like it cares out there.

But as Coach Norman Dale so eloquently pointed out in Hoosiers, "This is your team," Mets fans. And unlike the 1952 Hickory Huskers, it doesn't look like Jimmy Chitwood is going to come to the rescue. Beltran, Reyes, and Delgado may not return this season at all. If they do, who knows how effective they'll be? Or how far out of the playoff race the team will have fallen by that point.

After dropping two out of three to the worst team in baseball, today, mercifully, is an off day for the New York Metropolitans. That means, theoretically, that they can't humiliate themselves again until tomorrow.

I guess that's a start.


Side Bar said...

that says it all. ugh.

Patrick said...

Interesting take, but here is the thing, the exact timing of Luis Castillo's drop not withstanding, those types of plays happen to almost every team, every year.

The difference being really good teams can hide the gaffes during a 162 gamer, because they dont lose 42% of their offensive production like the Mets have.

i am the philistine said...

I disagree, the Mets and only the Mets can embarrass themselves on off days re: a VP ripping off his shirt, or even with a lackluster Inaugural season patch. To Patrick: IMO Even with the entire lineup intact in 2008 the mets still made a lot of mental mistakes which took them out of games and couldn't make routine plays

Headsnack said...

Damn 1973! That turn-around made it so that Mets fans forever"gotta believe" until at least mid August. What other choice do we have? And so I torture myself and continue to watch. At least Gary Cohen never has an off year and keeps getting better.

Eric said...

I think you would have to include Beltran's non-slide in the top four pics.