Michael Strahan, Master Thespian

Thursday, June 4, 2009 |

While his former teammate Tiki Barber is busy making omelettes and humiliating himself (repeatedly) on network television, Michael Strahan is busy exploiting the same medium to become a sitcom star. Here's a promising 2.5 minute trailer for his new show "Brothers," a family sitcom which will debut on Fox this Fall.

Other athletes have made successful transitions to sitcomdom, most notably Bob Uecker and Alex Karras (though Dick Butkus
not so much), and Strahan certainly does appear to have the charisma to pull off playing a retired NFL superstar named Mike. The trailer is also, much to my surprise, not entirely awful, and it's always nice to see Carl Weathers get work (though it will take some getting used to his shaven domepiece). I wonder how many episodes it will take before Weathers snaps at Mike, "Don't be a damn fool!" 2? 3?

As the ever astute Dash put it in
a recent post to Deadspin, "this thing will either last 15 years or be canceled in the first week."

Amen, brother. I'll set the over/under on the number of gap-tooth jokes in the first season at 92.


Unknown said...

Holy dear lord...I guess karma's really a bitch, isn't it Tiki?